New Features in Mathematica7

Following closely on the dramatic reinvention of Mathematica in 2007, Mathematica 7 continues the momentum of innovation to deliver an array of new capabilities, greatly extending the state of the art in many areas, and bringing a dozen major new application fields into the integrated framework of Mathematica.

Built-In Image Processing & Analysis »

Introducing a new generation of industrial-strength image processing, built into Mathematica's integrated algorithm, programming, and interface platform...

Built-In Image Processing & Analysis

Built-In Parallel Computing »

Take advantage of the latest multicore processors with Mathematica's new automatic parallel computing technology--seamlessly parallelizing your computations...

Built-In Parallel Computing

Visualization & Graphics

Automated Charting Graphics »

Algorithmic information visualization takes a major step forward by using Mathematica's symbolic architecture, flexible graphics, and automatic computational aesthetics...

Automated Charting Graphics

New Graphics Primitives »


Vector & Field Visualization »

Create automatically optimized visualizations of vector fields and streamlines--for fluids, electrodynamics, and other fields...

Vector & Field Visualization

Comprehensive Spline Support »

The world's most general splines, in any number of dimensions, fully integrated into computation and graphics...

Comprehensive Spline Support

All New Functions »

Guide to what's new in visualization & graphics

Other Recently Added Features

High-Impact Adaptive Visualization »

Automated Computational Aesthetics »
Fully Automated Graph Layout »
Real-Time 3D Graphics »
Automated Table Layout »
Dynamic Interactivity »

Mathematics & Algorithms

Industrial-Strength Boolean Computation »

Apply high-performance Boolean analysis, optimization, and verification to systems with thousands of variables--all integrated into the Mathematica workflow...

Discrete Calculus »

Solve a new generation of discrete problems with the first-ever comprehensive system for discrete symbolic calculus...

Delay Differential Equations »

DDEs are now an integral part of Mathematica's automatic numerical differential equation solving capabilities...

Differential & Difference Roots »

A breakthrough allows direct handling of implicit solutions of differential and difference equations--dramatically generalizing the concept of special functions...

Differential & Difference Roots

Transcendental Roots »

Introducing the first-ever systematic algorithmic treatment of roots of transcendental equations...
Transcendental Roots

Finite Group Theory »

Data and algorithms on finite groups are now integrated into the Mathematica system...

Integer Sequence Analysis »

7 introduces a suite of new approaches to the analysis and recognition of integer sequences...

Integer Sequence Analysis

New Number Theory Capabilities »

New aspects of analytic, multiplicative, and additive number theory are now available in computational form...

New Number Theory Capabilities

New Categories of Special Functions »
q Functions, L Functions, and a range of other functions join the world's largest collection of special functions...

Enhanced Fourier Analysis »

Explicit Fourier series are now fully integrated into Mathematica's symbolic capabilities...

All New Functions »

Guide to what's new in mathematics & algorithms

Other Recently Added Features

Integrated Geometric Computing »

Combinatorial Optimization »
Constrained Nonlinear Optimization »
Equational Theorem Proving »
High-Level String Computation »
New Generation Numerical Integration »

Computable Data

Integrated Genomic & Protein Data »

Look up sequences, genes, and proteins for immediate use in analysis, modeling, and visualization...

Integrated Genomic & Protein Data

Dynamic Astronomical Computation »

Compute current sky and absolute positions of planets, minor planets, stars, and more, all inside Mathematica...

Dynamic Astronomical Computation

Current & Historical Weather Data »

Use current and historical weather data from around the world for computation, visualization, and analysis...

Current & Historical Weather Data

Extended Chemical Data »

More than double the number of compounds and properties are now included...

Extended Chemical Data

Integrated Geodesy & GIS »

Use the latest high-precision geodetic techniques, directly connected to geographic data...

Integrated Geodesy & GIS

All New Functions »
Guide to what's new in computable data
Other Recently Added Features

Financial Data »

Astronomical Data »
Country Data »
Particle Data »
Graph Data »
Mathematical Data »

Data Manipulation

Statistical Model Analysis »

Linear and nonlinear models, probit, logit, and much more are all immediately available, integrated into Mathematica, with scores of diagnostics and options...

Automatic Histogram Generation »

Take data and automatically create optimized histograms in 2D and 3D...

Automatic Histogram Generation

Integrated Programmatic Email »

There's now a Mathematica function that sends anything as email, including graphics and other attachments...

Integrated Programmatic Email

Secure Website & Network Connectivity »

Automatically manage passwords, encryption, etc. in interacting with secure websites, databases, and more...
See also:
Built-In Image Processing »
All New Functions »

Guide to what's new in data manipulation

Other Recently Added Features

Exploratory Data Analysis »

Symbolic Sound Support »
Symbolic Report Generation »
3D Printing & Scanning Support »
Symbolic Statistical Computing »

Core Language

Sequence Alignment & Analysis »

Efficiently align and analyze strings and lists of any length, for bioinformatics, text comparison, and more...

See also:
Built-In Parallel Computing »

All New Functions »
Guide to what's new in core language

Other Recently Added Features

Unification of Graphics, Text & Controls »

Language for Data Integration »
Dynamic Graphical Input »
Instant Multimedia Programming »
Real-Time Code Annotation »
Instant High-Level Debugging »

Interface & User Experience

Speech Output »

Have Mathematica speak mathematical expressions, programs, and diagrammatic graphics...

Enhanced Typesetting Automation »

Achieve a new level of clarity and elegance in the automatic formatting of mathematical expressions of any length...

Optimized Notebook Ergonomics »

New context-sensitive interface elements streamline notebooks for both novices and experts...

Quick-Start Assistant Palettes »

Access features of Mathematica immediately through extensive Assistant palettes...
Quick-Start Assistant Palettes

New Interface Elements »

Several new elements further extend Mathematica's rich interface-building capabilities...
New Interface Elements

All New Functions »

Guide to what's new in interface & user experience

Other Recently Added Features

Symbolic Interface Construction »

Integrated Graphics Editing & Drawing »
Built-in Gamepad & HID Support »
Streamlined Presentation Framework »
New Documentation Framework »
Dynamic Interactivity »


Maintaining full consistency with Mathematica 6 »

Mathematica 7 adds over 500 new functions & enhancements

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